Friday, 2 March 2012

Proposal Cover Letters

Wondered why you need to write proposal cover letters?Such a justification would surely help you to design the expected content and be objective oriented. Hence, first try to understand the purpose behind writing such letters. Writing a proposal cover letter effectively is very essential as it gives an overview of your proposal and introduces your project to the involved party.
Why to write proposal cover letters?
As part of business correspondence and as per organizational culture practices, you need to accompany such a cover letter with your business proposal. It helps to give a proposal summary and thereby, creates the initial impact on the reader. Hence, it should be very convincing and impressive. The following points would clear the importance or objective of writing business proposal cover letters.
  • To follow proper procedural formalities and business etiquettes
  • To summarize your proposal in short and give an overview of project or plan
  • To focus relevant key aspects of project involved and convince the reader about its value
  • To justify your investment plans and reap the desired result
Essence of proposal cover letters:
The proposal cover letter needs to offer the following information and thereby, organize the letter content effectively:
  • Include budget of the project or proposal in monetary terms: State the proposal amount at the very beginning of the letter and highlight its unique features and plans. Providing such information ultimately projects the proposal's financial feasibility.
  • Offer exact matches with the reader's expectation and its competitive advantages: Provide the reader with the most viable and competitive proposal details; such information should lead to building a strong positive favor for you.
  • Describe your proposal in short to give an exact idea about it: Highlight your interest in the proposal and focus on the key aspects of proposal to catch the reader's mind to the actual proposal.
  • State its contents and procedural summary: Influence and persuade the reader to read and thereby, reply to the offer positively. Thus, creating the most effective and apt matter would serve the purpose.
  • Offer required contact details to know more about it: Give contact details so that the reader can contact the relevant person in case he finds it worth investing in.
How to justify your proposal:
Briefly and correctly state the viability and uniqueness of your proposal.Hence, your letter should develop the needed curiosity and ensure that he would go through the actual proposal to ascertain his view about it.
Thus, try to stress on the following things in your letter.
  • Cost competitiveness of your proposal
  • Unique features and essential requirements of the procedural formalities
  • Budget plan with respect to the given offer and its viability
  • Strength and positive things in proposal's favor
  • It's suitability to the environmental demands and requirements
In this way, writing a proposal cover letter has become a practice of procedural formalities and is a very essential part of offering proposals to various organizations. So, better use it wisely to develop the required curiosity and thereby, direct the reader's attention to your proposal details. Thus, good proposal letters assumes a positive action on the reader's part and your letter should succeed in it.

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