Friday, 24 August 2012

Resume Writing for Various Commercial Airline Jobs

Writing resumes for various commercial airline jobs may seem like an incredibly difficult task but fortunately it comes with an easy way out. For you see, some of these jobs depend heavily on technical details whereas others simply rely on presentation skills and personality, for example, flight attendant jobs. Here in this article however, we focus on the former type of airline jobs.

There are some intermediary jobs in the airlines which require both presentation as well as technical expertise/ experience to back the candidate up.

So what kind of jobs fall under these types where both profession and technical expertise matters?

Well, the kind of work which falls under this category includes professions of flight attending. Though to be precise, it even extends to cabin crew positions. Which is why, on a cabin crew resume, you will need to mention skills like public speaking (giving messages to the commercial aircraft passengers on the public speaker system mid flight), as well as handling situations like management of passengers who are suffering from illnesses of some sort, women passengers who happen to be pregnant, or passengers of high public standing and who travel with security personnel and their personal entourage in tow.

Then we also have those positions which do not only include passenger services and communication, and seeing to the welfare of the passengers, but also jobs which deal in molding and training. An airplane flight attendant supervisor who guides and keeps track of the work of flight attendants and cabin crew members who deal firsthand with passengers is a perfect example of this kind of work. In an airplane flight attendant supervisor resume, you will need to mention points like your ability to maintain an official and assertive tone, as well as your record managing skills.

On the other hand, there are ground staff who see to the passenger concerns and take care of problems besetting them. For instance, an airline lounge receptionist who receives calls from prospective airline travelers and who helps them book tickets and identify convenient flights. In an airline lounge receptionist resume, you should mention your excellent communication skills, fluency in different languages, if any, and savant expertise with the Internet.

At the end of the day, writing resumes concerning commercial airline jobs are not any different to writing any other resume, in the sense that in both cases, you have to sell your skills and list down your impressive experience and educational training to nab the job of your choice.

Also if you want some tips for writing cover letters for airline jobs you can refer this post.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Fashion Designer Cover Letters

If you have decided to launch your career in the field of fashion, I would like to assist you to become a world class fashion designer by providing some useful tips. Fashion designing is most preferred career option amongst the youth. This profession allows one to think out of the box and make their thinking very imaginative.

Fashion designers must have a strong ability for creativity, and expertise in textile detail and fashion style. Drawing and computer skills are necessary for fashion sketching, and awareness of tailoring and sewing are required for describing the process of designing to manufacturers. Employers also prefer fashion designers with sales and retail experience, which can be employ to the marketing aspect of the profession.

Fashion designing career is appropriate option for those who have creative mind and brilliant taste for fashion and trends. Here I will show you how cover letters can help you to enter into the fashion industry and make your dream come true to be a well known fashion designer. Fashion industry is emerging as a global industry, so to stand yourself in such a competitive environment, you need to write a comprehensive and impressive resume cover letters.

Tips to be followed before writing Fashion designer Cover Letter:

  1. Research: When considering an application to a fashion designer job, make sure you know all about the company you are applying for. Take a look over their business ins and outs. Include few lines about your research in the cover letter. This would create an impression on your potential employer about your interest and willingness for this position
  2. Fashion History: As a fashion designer you need to stay a step ahead. Thus you need to have knowledge about styles and trends in the fashion history. Also you must be familiar of current fashion events.
  3. Capacity to perform under pressure: To be a fashion designer you need thrive or survive under immense work pressure environments. Your cover letter should depict your this willingness to work well under high pressure and meet the required deadlines.
  4. Business Marketing know how: To reach your goal of a being a fashion designer, you must have basic knowledge of principles of business and marketing. Don't rely only on your artistic vision, but you must be aware that how things stands in the business environment.

At last I hope that the above tips would help you some how to be a good fashion designer.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Basics For Writing Business Cover Letters

Formal language is used to write any business letters. The writing style completely depends on the type of business relations between the two associates. There are many reasons for writing business cover letters. It could be written to apply for any business administrative post, to order some stock from the supplier, to write an apologizing letter for the misconducts ,to convey goodwill.

In order to make your cover letter stands out to be the best, you should have handsome business experience and ethics. Your this experience in the business world, will be used to impress your prospective employer for sure.
Basics to write a business cover letter:

Remember whenever you start writing a cover letter, it should be precise and of optimal length. Because you are writing a business letter and not an essay. It should be not more than a page.

Your writing should bring out what is relevant to and that fits the position being offered. Also include relevant business experience. Stuffing lots of unnecessary and wide experience may pose disadvantage for your application to be considered above those from others.

Appearance and Format:
You might have heard that First impression is the last impression. So your business cover letter should be neat in appearance and well formatted such that it creates a mark about your abilities. The writing style and font should be simple and it should look like a professional letter. The format
should be composed of three paragraphs. In first paragraph introduce yourself, second paragraph should give details of your skills and experiences relevant for the applied position, and in the last paragraph mention your contact details.

Revise thoroughly:
Even a small mistake may place you at the negative side of your competitors. Therefore, thoroughly revise and edit your cover letter. Write your cover letter to meet the needs of the specific application. Avoid previously written cover letter to meet the requirements of the application you are applying for.

Hoping that to some extent the above guidelines would help you to write a professional business cover letter and make your resume stand the best in the competitive business world.

For further details and reference to business cover letters, you may visit at

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Monday, 12 March 2012

Elements for Writing Journalism Cover Letters

If you desire to go for journalism, be ready to face challenges, and dedicate full time for such a profession; it's a highly glamorous and challenging field to work in. With the latest research and development in the field of media, you have a variety of options to pursue in journalism. So, show off your dynamic, flexible, and adaptive qualities to accomplish the tasks, and be active in presenting your potentials.
What your cover letter needs to speak?
Journalism is a field where your skills and abilities speaks more than your qualifications. Hence, your cover letter needs to speak more about your abilities and skills. Don't stretch unnecessarily; provide only relevant information, and be specific in following proper procedural formalities.

Tips to draft the most interesting and effective cover letter:
  • Be simple and crisp: Understand the objective of such letters, and accordingly gather relevant experiences and data to impress the reader's mind. Cover your negative points by focusing on your strengths and talent, to persuade people and make them interact with you.
  • Manage your skills well: Utilize your strong interpersonal skills and extrovert personality to ensure the prospective employer. Stress on your good network building and relationship management competencies. Avoid repeating information.
  • Follow a proper and correct letter format: Introduce yourself professionally, and form a well integrated content by utilizing all your on-field experiences, and research programs in connection with the field of journalism. Tactically relate your various experiences and employer's expectations.
  • Project yourself well: Justify your qualifications and sound understanding of issues in association with the field. Stress on your loyalty and trustworthy personality trait, as the job assumes high level of responsibilities.
  • State the enclosures clearly: Offer recommendation, or necessary certificates to ascertain your prior experiences and performance; make an employer appreciate your convincing profile details. Specifically emphasize relevant achievements in the field to ensure your suitability for the job.
  • Verify your abilities and proficiency with relevant professional recommendation: A good recommendation would surely serve your purpose, and result into a positive favor in your side. It helps to filter applications, and increases the chances of your selection.
Thus, if you desires to function well in such a profession, you need to have good confidence level, and high motivational power to achieve your objective. It requires a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and full dedication towards your career goal.

The above tips will not only help you to write cover letter for journalist jobs but also you can refer those points to write cover letter for various job profiles

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Human resource cover letters

Have you ever wondered what qualities or skills can improve your operational efficiency as a human resource personnel? Acquiring certain skills would obviously offer you with the necessary personality traits, and impart you with strong persuasive and communication skills. They would help to control the organizational workforce effectively, and thereby, fulfill your interest in the organizational objective.
Thus, human resource manager position assumes a highly dynamic and energetic personality, who would carry out the given set of duties efficiently, and be a good leader. In the same way, human resource cover letter, should focus on your career aspirations, and should manage the expected response from the recruiting authority.
How to write the most effective and interesting cover letter?
Here are some of the tips or guidelines to help you coordinate your profile with the employer's expectation, and make the best possible impact.
  • Be simple and relevant: Don't create an unnecessary mess of information; be relevant and to the point. Highlight remarkable accomplishments and represent it sensibly.
  • Present yourself professionally: It's your first impression on the prospective employer. Hence, consider it as an initial correspondence, and pay considerable attention towards providing such information in a well coordinated manner.
  • Relate yourself well with the employer's requirement: Establish the needed coherence and correlation by using various tactics. Relating your abilities with the given offer, would surely help you manage the required response from the recruiter's side.
  • Build a Strong favor: Highlight your good organization and administration skills. Giving details about your technical skills and proficient operational efficiency, would surely act positively in your favor. Hence, be active in offering your competitive edge, and thereby, reflect your strong hold for the position.
  • Supplement your knowledge with additional details: Mention your strengths and positive attitude to work under stressful conditions, and handle the given set of responsibilities efficiently. Stress on your abilities to comprehend people, and effectively analyze them in different situations to make them fitted in.
Thus, while writing a human resource cover letter, kindly pay considerable interest towards highlighting your strong interpersonal skills and abilities to effectively coordinate various activities, and thereby, exhibit organization's strategies and policies with respect to organizational workforce.
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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Technician cover letters

The most interesting part of writing any kind of technical cover letter is to project your technical or mechanical knowledge about efficient use of various machinery, tools or techniques. Thus, this domain expects your operational efficiency at handling all the necessary designing, programming or implementation functions to ascertain the successful accomplishment of the assigned responsibilities. So, project yourself well and be a sensible person to choose the crucial areas to highlight your achievements in the field.
How to draft the most effective and powerful technician cover letter?
Don't be passive in offering such details, but actively assist your sound credentials with professional practice in carrying out such operations effectively. Specifically state your area of interest and support your technical expertise with completion of needed technical courses such as Auto-CAD operations and designing. Your familiarity with automated functions would certainly help you manage the needed response and make the best utilization of your technical knowledge.
How to justify your qualifications for the offer?
Here are some of the tips to help you coordinate the required content and catch the employer's attention.
  • Be an innovator and creator rather than just a passive follower: You need to project your innovative skills in designing various system modules and programs based on your specific requirement. It would surely create an additional advantage in your credit.
  • Offer important and effective recommendations if possible: Offering such referral helps to ascertain your abilities for the position and thereby, brings relevance in your abilities and the employer's expectation about the offer. It works as an additional guarantee for the respective authority to have you as their organizational asset.
  • State your familiarity with the current technological developments in the field and its relevant impact on changing business environmental demands. Rationalize your judgments and create an appealing impression.
  • Support your engineering and technician skills with sound qualifications. Such information would surely help personalize your cover letter content and convince the reader about your pro-active learning skills.
  • Justify your exactness and accuracy at providing technical support functions and providing highly customized services as per customer demands.
Thus, a technician cover letter should effectively put forth your operational expertise and abilities to deal with technical issues.Feel free to share your views.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Proposal Cover Letters

Wondered why you need to write proposal cover letters?Such a justification would surely help you to design the expected content and be objective oriented. Hence, first try to understand the purpose behind writing such letters. Writing a proposal cover letter effectively is very essential as it gives an overview of your proposal and introduces your project to the involved party.
Why to write proposal cover letters?
As part of business correspondence and as per organizational culture practices, you need to accompany such a cover letter with your business proposal. It helps to give a proposal summary and thereby, creates the initial impact on the reader. Hence, it should be very convincing and impressive. The following points would clear the importance or objective of writing business proposal cover letters.
  • To follow proper procedural formalities and business etiquettes
  • To summarize your proposal in short and give an overview of project or plan
  • To focus relevant key aspects of project involved and convince the reader about its value
  • To justify your investment plans and reap the desired result
Essence of proposal cover letters:
The proposal cover letter needs to offer the following information and thereby, organize the letter content effectively:
  • Include budget of the project or proposal in monetary terms: State the proposal amount at the very beginning of the letter and highlight its unique features and plans. Providing such information ultimately projects the proposal's financial feasibility.
  • Offer exact matches with the reader's expectation and its competitive advantages: Provide the reader with the most viable and competitive proposal details; such information should lead to building a strong positive favor for you.
  • Describe your proposal in short to give an exact idea about it: Highlight your interest in the proposal and focus on the key aspects of proposal to catch the reader's mind to the actual proposal.
  • State its contents and procedural summary: Influence and persuade the reader to read and thereby, reply to the offer positively. Thus, creating the most effective and apt matter would serve the purpose.
  • Offer required contact details to know more about it: Give contact details so that the reader can contact the relevant person in case he finds it worth investing in.
How to justify your proposal:
Briefly and correctly state the viability and uniqueness of your proposal.Hence, your letter should develop the needed curiosity and ensure that he would go through the actual proposal to ascertain his view about it.
Thus, try to stress on the following things in your letter.
  • Cost competitiveness of your proposal
  • Unique features and essential requirements of the procedural formalities
  • Budget plan with respect to the given offer and its viability
  • Strength and positive things in proposal's favor
  • It's suitability to the environmental demands and requirements
In this way, writing a proposal cover letter has become a practice of procedural formalities and is a very essential part of offering proposals to various organizations. So, better use it wisely to develop the required curiosity and thereby, direct the reader's attention to your proposal details. Thus, good proposal letters assumes a positive action on the reader's part and your letter should succeed in it.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Relocation Cover Letters

Is your company relocating or shifting to a new location? Forget the worries of unemployment and search for a better option to overcome such problem of relocation. The best solution is to write a relocation cover letter to present your desire to function as a long term asset of the company and ensure the employer of your committed services.
Thus, you need to be very conscious and alert about the required solution and present your profile in such a way that the employer can't just resist but would surely select you for the given offer. 
Need for writing a relocation cover letter:
The company's decision to relocate the plant or project certainly results into the following things:
  • Increases chances of unemployment
  • Works as a threat to existing employees i. e. the fear of losing their jobs
  • Results in inconvenience to shift the job location and work as an obstacle
  • Provides growth and development opportunities to work at the relocated place
Once selecting the best professional letter format, try to justify your interest in the company's offer and assure the employer about your performance. Understand his requirement and bridge such gap to build effective relations.
Tips to write a powerful relocation cover letter:
  • Rationalize your behavior and put forth your interest in the place of relocation
  • Convince the employer about your strong career aspirations and willingness to work for the company in case of relocation
  • Justify your view by relating your goal with increased opportunities on account of such changes
  • Ensure him about your long term dedicated and committed services for the company
  • Employ all your skills, abilities and talent in catching the employer's attention and persuade him to offer you with the needed break
  • Refer to your past excellent performance in the company and highlight your remarkable achievements
  • Put forth your proficiency in dealing with technical matters and handling relevant organizational issues
  • Deal with all relevant aspect of the given offer and focus on your abilities to work under result oriented and target based jobs
  • Relate your prior experience in the field to utilize the given offer and reap the desired result
Thus, make the best utilization of your skills and proficiency to reap the desired results by writing good relocation cover letters.

Tips: Freelance writer cover letter

To become a freelance writer isn't particularly difficult, but it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Many people select freelance writing as a career because writing in your free time is a great way to earn extra income from home. Moreover it helps one to develop their writing abilities.

Freelance writing is a career you can pursue from anywhere. If you're not getting interview calls when you know you have the experience and talent to do the freelance job,it may be that you are getting trashed up by some cover letter mistakes.
So I’m here to share what I know on that.

The following tips can help you to write Freelance cover letters for writing jobs:

Query Letters:
Select a query in such a way that it shows the editor (of the publication you desire) your unique writing style. If the writing in your query isn't fascinating and interesting, the editor probably figures that your article won't be that appealing. Also, editors receive thousands of queries a year, so be bit more original than that and you'll gain the editor's interest immediately.

Provide appropriate writing samples:
If you have seen advertise for freelance writing and you apply for a freelance writing assignment, and an editor asks for writing samples or bare facts for the project advertised, it means that, this editor is just trying to examine, if you can bear the type of work the project calls for. If you don't already have a writing such sample, then devote some time to craft a sample that will show this editor you can write about a particular subject that he is looking for. If the editor has given you guidelines for writing this sample, then study those guidelines carefully and follow them to the letter. In case if you don't understand the guidelines, then ask the editor for further clarification.

Format your cover letter attractively:
The format your cover letter such that it looks impressive. This will bring attention to not only your cover letter, but to your resume as well. One think you need to remember is that you don't amplify the attractiveness of your cover letter. Take care while writing cover letter so that it is not detract from the professionalism that you still need to maintain.
Include a short biography about yourself:
Your letter should include facts about your education information as well as past working experience. This biography can also be your opportunity to tell your potential employer your abilities and interest in the field which might increase your employment opportunity with them. This could be anything like some volunteer work you have done; or extracurricular activities you took part in while you were in college. These activities can influence employers and can increase your chances of landing the perfect job you desire.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sample Radiologic Technology Cover Letter

A radiologic technologist is also known as radiographer that performs imaging techniques to both diagnose and treat disease visualized within the human body. Radiologic technologists use their expertise to assess patients, develop ideal radiologic techniques and evaluate the resulting radiographic images. Radiologic technologists and technicians perform diagnostic examinations like x rays, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography and computed tomography.

Cover letters are a versatile means of communication that augment the qualifications demonstrated in your resume and underlines how your abilities and skills would be a beneficial for the company. Creating a cover letter allows to express your personal qualities and interests that compliments your resume more precisely (check BSR).

My this post depicts impressive cover letter sample that will help you to introduce yourself eventually increasing chance of your selection.

Sample format for Radiologic Technologist Cover Letter

Your Name
Your Street Address
City, State, Zip

Today’s Date

Ms./Mr. First Last name
Company name

Dear Ms. Last name: ( in case if you cannot find their name or address the letter as “Dear Selection committee”)

Paragraph 1: Mention the post (Radiologic Technologist) you are applying for and how you discover it. State one specific feature of the company that you adore (to show that you did some research). Describe your agitation to bring to the post you are applying for.

Paragraph 2 : Briefly give details of your background and experience( in Radiology field). Provide one or two particular examples that illustrate the skills you mentioned in the opening paragraph. While giving examples use numbers and achievements , showing what skills you will bring to their organization. Express yourself according to points you mentioned in your resume without redundantly repeating yourself.

Paragraph 3: State that you are interested and available for an interview and give them a number or email address to reach you. Describe any part that you have enclosed. Proclaim your excitement to be considered for the position(of Radiographer) and thank them for their time (“Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.
I look forward to talking with you soon ”)

Your Signature
Type Your Name

The above Radiologic Technologist cover letter sample can be very helpful in drafting an impressive cover letter for the job application, and cast a positive impression on the employers. Find more samples on Radiologic Technologist Cover Letter for freshers and experienced candidates here.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Airline Cover Letters

Airline Cover Letters are used by aviation professionals such as aircraft pilots, flight attendants, aircraft maintenance engineer, etc while applying for jobs in the aviation sector. Let us consider the case of a flight attendant cover letter.

Every airline has a number of flight attendants, whose job is to ensure the overall safety of all the passengers and other crew members on-board. They are kept in close loop by the flight captain and are briefed about the flight plan before every take-off. Their responsibilities include guiding the passengers to their respective seats, giving important safety instructions from the instructions manual, seeing to it that all the passengers are safely seated with their seat belts on, at the time of take-off.

A typical airline cover letter for this position will include a flight attendant’s total experience in terms of number of years. Along with this, it will include their key skills, details of why do they want to take up this job, and the source through which they came to know about the available job post.

A recruiter, at the time of reading your cover letter, will not necessarily go through each and every word. Instead, he will skim the letter for important keywords like aviation, good experience, in-flight safety, aviation degree, hospitality degree, etc. So, it will be advantageous for you to use the keywords related to the field of aviation at certain places in the letter, at least five times.

You have to give a convincing reason as to why the recruiter should choose you over the others for this job, for e.g., you can support your argument by stating that, “I have been working in the aviation sector as a flight attendant since the last 7 years. During this time, I have worked for prestigious airlines like XYZ Airlines and AAA Airlines. I am perfectly up-to-date with the new trends related to this job profile.”
( you can visit at aroj to view some more samples of flight attendant cover letter)

It is important to clearly mention the post for which you are applying. This has to be mentioned by you, right in the beginning of the letter under the Subject section, exactly after writing the address of the sender and the receiver.

The body of the letter has to be divided into three separate paragraphs- one for introducing yourself in accordance to the job you are applying for. In the second paragraph, impress the reader by stating your experience and mentioning about your key achievements. Conclude the letter with the third paragraph, where you will reiterate your level of enthusiasm and dedication for this job.

You can also attach important documents and certificates along with your cover letter and resume. Remember to keep the cover letter short; no more than one page. Restrict the information by not giving out lengthy details; your resume is there for that purpose. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Public Relation Cover Letters

Public relation (PR) functions are helpful in creating a harmonious relationship between the key stake holders like customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, distributors etc. Such functions are carried out to create and maintain the necessary goodwill for long term survival. Hence, while applying for a public relations position, you need to design a sample resume and cover letter which would demonstrate your tactical abilities to deal with such functions and effectively manage the marketing and PR functions.

As a PR professional you need to highlight your prior experience in connection with providing public relations functions and your credit in helping the company recover from a bad phase by implementing various techniques and strategies systematically. Thus, your public relation cover letters should focus on your promotional and public relations skills. Your letter should represent your strong communications skills and abilities to create and maintain good status in the market. Thus, the crux of the letter lies in highlighting your proficiency at managing the company's image in the market and coordinating various activities of press functions and utilising them most effectively.

Throwing light on your promotional, advertising and press functions, you can very well represent your profile effectively. Thus, your cover letter should be able to influence the prospective employer's mind to take a good look at your resume and convince him to refer to your profile in depth. Referring to your profile would simplify your abilities for the job and assure the employer about your services to the organisation. Focus on dealing with social media and artistically and strategically designing various plans to improve the company's image in the market. In this way, your prior experience in dealing with marketing and public relations functions would certainly help you manage all the duties successfully and direct the employer's mind to your abilities.

Thus, your cover letter helps to portray your key skills and abilities with respect to rendering public relation functions and thereby, creating a good profile suitable for such position. Hence, you should get in touch with every minute detail before writing such letter. In depth analysis of the position and the duties to be performed would surely provide you with the key result areas of the work.

For more help on writing cover letter for public relation jobs visit at