Friday, 24 August 2012

Resume Writing for Various Commercial Airline Jobs

Writing resumes for various commercial airline jobs may seem like an incredibly difficult task but fortunately it comes with an easy way out. For you see, some of these jobs depend heavily on technical details whereas others simply rely on presentation skills and personality, for example, flight attendant jobs. Here in this article however, we focus on the former type of airline jobs.

There are some intermediary jobs in the airlines which require both presentation as well as technical expertise/ experience to back the candidate up.

So what kind of jobs fall under these types where both profession and technical expertise matters?

Well, the kind of work which falls under this category includes professions of flight attending. Though to be precise, it even extends to cabin crew positions. Which is why, on a cabin crew resume, you will need to mention skills like public speaking (giving messages to the commercial aircraft passengers on the public speaker system mid flight), as well as handling situations like management of passengers who are suffering from illnesses of some sort, women passengers who happen to be pregnant, or passengers of high public standing and who travel with security personnel and their personal entourage in tow.

Then we also have those positions which do not only include passenger services and communication, and seeing to the welfare of the passengers, but also jobs which deal in molding and training. An airplane flight attendant supervisor who guides and keeps track of the work of flight attendants and cabin crew members who deal firsthand with passengers is a perfect example of this kind of work. In an airplane flight attendant supervisor resume, you will need to mention points like your ability to maintain an official and assertive tone, as well as your record managing skills.

On the other hand, there are ground staff who see to the passenger concerns and take care of problems besetting them. For instance, an airline lounge receptionist who receives calls from prospective airline travelers and who helps them book tickets and identify convenient flights. In an airline lounge receptionist resume, you should mention your excellent communication skills, fluency in different languages, if any, and savant expertise with the Internet.

At the end of the day, writing resumes concerning commercial airline jobs are not any different to writing any other resume, in the sense that in both cases, you have to sell your skills and list down your impressive experience and educational training to nab the job of your choice.

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