Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Airline Cover Letters

Airline Cover Letters are used by aviation professionals such as aircraft pilots, flight attendants, aircraft maintenance engineer, etc while applying for jobs in the aviation sector. Let us consider the case of a flight attendant cover letter.

Every airline has a number of flight attendants, whose job is to ensure the overall safety of all the passengers and other crew members on-board. They are kept in close loop by the flight captain and are briefed about the flight plan before every take-off. Their responsibilities include guiding the passengers to their respective seats, giving important safety instructions from the instructions manual, seeing to it that all the passengers are safely seated with their seat belts on, at the time of take-off.

A typical airline cover letter for this position will include a flight attendant’s total experience in terms of number of years. Along with this, it will include their key skills, details of why do they want to take up this job, and the source through which they came to know about the available job post.

A recruiter, at the time of reading your cover letter, will not necessarily go through each and every word. Instead, he will skim the letter for important keywords like aviation, good experience, in-flight safety, aviation degree, hospitality degree, etc. So, it will be advantageous for you to use the keywords related to the field of aviation at certain places in the letter, at least five times.

You have to give a convincing reason as to why the recruiter should choose you over the others for this job, for e.g., you can support your argument by stating that, “I have been working in the aviation sector as a flight attendant since the last 7 years. During this time, I have worked for prestigious airlines like XYZ Airlines and AAA Airlines. I am perfectly up-to-date with the new trends related to this job profile.”
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It is important to clearly mention the post for which you are applying. This has to be mentioned by you, right in the beginning of the letter under the Subject section, exactly after writing the address of the sender and the receiver.

The body of the letter has to be divided into three separate paragraphs- one for introducing yourself in accordance to the job you are applying for. In the second paragraph, impress the reader by stating your experience and mentioning about your key achievements. Conclude the letter with the third paragraph, where you will reiterate your level of enthusiasm and dedication for this job.

You can also attach important documents and certificates along with your cover letter and resume. Remember to keep the cover letter short; no more than one page. Restrict the information by not giving out lengthy details; your resume is there for that purpose. 

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