Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tips: Freelance writer cover letter

To become a freelance writer isn't particularly difficult, but it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Many people select freelance writing as a career because writing in your free time is a great way to earn extra income from home. Moreover it helps one to develop their writing abilities.

Freelance writing is a career you can pursue from anywhere. If you're not getting interview calls when you know you have the experience and talent to do the freelance job,it may be that you are getting trashed up by some cover letter mistakes.
So I’m here to share what I know on that.

The following tips can help you to write Freelance cover letters for writing jobs:

Query Letters:
Select a query in such a way that it shows the editor (of the publication you desire) your unique writing style. If the writing in your query isn't fascinating and interesting, the editor probably figures that your article won't be that appealing. Also, editors receive thousands of queries a year, so be bit more original than that and you'll gain the editor's interest immediately.

Provide appropriate writing samples:
If you have seen advertise for freelance writing and you apply for a freelance writing assignment, and an editor asks for writing samples or bare facts for the project advertised, it means that, this editor is just trying to examine, if you can bear the type of work the project calls for. If you don't already have a writing such sample, then devote some time to craft a sample that will show this editor you can write about a particular subject that he is looking for. If the editor has given you guidelines for writing this sample, then study those guidelines carefully and follow them to the letter. In case if you don't understand the guidelines, then ask the editor for further clarification.

Format your cover letter attractively:
The format your cover letter such that it looks impressive. This will bring attention to not only your cover letter, but to your resume as well. One think you need to remember is that you don't amplify the attractiveness of your cover letter. Take care while writing cover letter so that it is not detract from the professionalism that you still need to maintain.
Include a short biography about yourself:
Your letter should include facts about your education information as well as past working experience. This biography can also be your opportunity to tell your potential employer your abilities and interest in the field which might increase your employment opportunity with them. This could be anything like some volunteer work you have done; or extracurricular activities you took part in while you were in college. These activities can influence employers and can increase your chances of landing the perfect job you desire.

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